NB Bakewell

I started seeing Patti over 18 months ago at the most difficult time of my life. I was caring for a sick parent, my 3 year old daughter and I had an extremely demanding job also in care of children. The pressures of all these factors started panic attacks, severe anxiety and depression. The nature of my job started to unearth things from my own upbringing that I had not really dealt with. When I first spoke to Patti initially over the phone she was very warm then on our first meeting she made me feel so comfortable and I trusted her immediately.

Patti helped me deal with issues and gain clarity on many things. She helped me see and accept that although the past cannot be changed it does not have to have a negative affect on the future. I was always obsessed with safety especially where my daughter was concerned. I would hold her back from anything I thought was harmful, even things like walking out to the shops were difficult. With the help I have received from Patti I have been able to let go and relax more and give my now 5 year old the freedom that she needs to grow.

I have always been a fixer and healer of others and adopt peoples problems as my own with little regard for myself, working with Patti has taught me that its ok to listen to people but  I am important to and I need sometimes to focus on myself and my family rather than others. I have managed to put boundaries in place and am sticking with it as it has made a huge difference to me.

If I had not been blessed with the intervention of Patti there is no doubt that I would not be where I am today, I am a more relaxed mum  who is fun to be around , I enjoy my job role albeit a different one and last September I started university.

Thank you so much for all your help Patti and helping me find me again