Gestalt is a German word which means “Organised Whole”

Wouldn’t we all like to feel whole and happy in how we respond and connect to both our environment and everyone with whom we make contact?

Sometimes blocks, or fixed ways of being, get in the way, which hamper our progress and leave us unsatisfied.

Gestalt is one of the main approaches to Psychotherapy developed in this century, and is both practical and creative.

It is phenomenological, humanistic and existential! Wow, what’s that mean?

It means that people need to be understood not in isolation but as part of the environment in which they live and it underlines the importance of the connection between psychological events and the sorts of settings in which they occur.

The approach focuses on the development of self-awareness, people’s circumstances and how they function in those circumstances.

So, since Gestalt Therapy is a “talk” therapy and dialogue with the therapist, in a safe therapeutic relationship, provides an arena to explore underlying patterns of thought, feelings and behaviour, opportunities arise to cultivate this self awareness, allowing for greater insight, clarity and understanding, in relating to ourselves and others.

In the supportive and creative space which we can generate together, you can experience new and authentic ways of being.

This will help you to get a fuller sense of the ways you feel, think and act in different situations and at different times, by way of awareness of moment to moment activity in the therapeutic setting. This will increase your choices about how you live your life and interact with others.

Now is the time to start the beginning of the rest of your life!

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