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K.N. Derbyshire – Couples Counselling

Patti helped me and my partner reconnect and learn new ways of communicating with each other. Through our couples therapy sessions, she was able to empathise with us both and helped us to see things from the other’s perspective. The

Employee Assistance Program Client feedback

J.M.C. Portsmouth After spending my whole life being a “stiff upper lip” kind of person, and an” I can deal with everything myself” kind of person, I found myself at a very low ebb. My husband died 2 years ago

K.P London – Seeking Identity

When I entered through Patti’s doors I was a little lost and broken. I was struggling with burnout, the end of a relationship, and deeply embedded family and cultural norms which were causing me a lot of mental distress. After

National Employment Assistance Program Provider Testimonial

We are delighted to share the following feedback from the recent client survey: “Patti was absolutely phenomenal. Her care, input, heart and advice has helped me immensely. She heard me, she helped me and she taught me some great techniques

T.E. – CRICH – Depression

The very nature of the beast of depression ensures it is extremely difficult to pick up a phone and ask a ‘stranger’ for help. Patti did not remain a stranger for long. From the onset of my initial phone contact