JD, Stoke-on-Trent

I sought help from Patti almost 2 years ago when I moved to Derbyshire to escape a traumatic event in my life which had the potential to be devastating to me. Previously, two counsellors had been overwhelmed by the nature of the event and i was losing hope that I would find someone equipped to help me. Patti’s website stood out, it was different and inviting. I emailed Patti initially. Her reply was warm and welcoming and gave me the confidence to make our first appointment.

Patti immediately made me feel comfortable, in lovely relaxing surroundings and we began a long journey to where I am today. Over the course of our sessions, Patti’s gentle approach along with almost imperceptible probing helped me get to the root of the many emotions I was dealing with. Patti not only helped me understand but more importantly how to deal with and ultimately live with what had happened. When I was ready, Patti helped me confront that of which I was afraid and helped me mourn what I had lost.

No matter how hard I found it to talk about certain things or how exhausting our sessions were, I always left feeling relieved and hopeful. I felt secure letting Patti see the most raw and innermost thoughts I was having. I trusted her implicitly.

Patti was always available to me via phone or email, even when she was on holidays and was so accommodating and flexible when organizing appointments.

Quite honestly, Patti brought me back to life. Two years ago I felt I would never be able to let go of the feelings of guilt, fear and the stigma of what had happened. My self esteem and self worth were at zero. I am now more confident than I have ever been and happy with myself as a person. Patti helped me to rediscover myself and my value as a daughter, sister, aunty and friend.

I am eternally grateful for having found Patti at such a crucial moment in my life. We will soon meet for our last session and I will miss Patti, not for the emotional support, but I will miss having a cup of tea with  such a special person.