GG Matlock

Hi Patti,
I just want to update you and thank you for everything you did for me.
Before Christmas we moved house to Matlock, the big one with the hot tub, I know longer sit upstairs wasting my life away! I spend every night with my family sat downstairs and eat with them. I also had good news from Sheffield hospital and had my tonsils taken out before Christmas, I’m like a changed woman! And to top it off I got a new job working in a local B&B It’s really fun to be working away from the family business. I seriously couldn’t of done this without all your help, I feel like I’ve grown up and got a grip of my life and now focus on the future. I still haven’t met anyone just yet but I no longer get down about being alone or stuck in the past. Again thank you for everything you’ve done, I just wanted to update you and tell you how much you’ve changed my life.
Take care,