LM Belper

Over 18 months ago, I reached out for help. I was suffering with severe anxiety and panic attacks and it was affecting my day to day life and I was at a stage where I could not leave my home, for fear of an attack and even worse, passing out. This resulted in me quitting my job.
It was my family who got in contact with Patti, as they could clearly see how much of a state I was in.  This was the best thing that they have ever done for me.
At first I was so scared and always thought of the worst things possible, like suffering from serious illness.
When I first met Patti she had to come and visit me at home, as I was too petrified to go and visit her.
With my knees trembling, hands shaking and heart racing out of my chest, Patti came to see me.  She immediately put me at ease, when she walked into my fence and made me laugh. (It was dark, so I let her off!)
After just one session, I felt so much better. Patti got me talking about things that I had bottled up for almost 2 years. Since then me and Patti have had a number of sessions which have all been triumphant! She has taught me different techniques to calm down my anxiety and I am now at the stage where my anxiety is practically non-existent and I am actively seeking work.
Thank you so much Patti! I’m so pleased that the initial phone call was made, because without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today.