C.E. Belper – Returning counselling client

Having worked with Patti a few years prior when I was struggling with issues that arose from addiction in the family and the loss of my mother, I knew it would be beneficial to reach out again when I found myself going through a difficult time in my relationship and in my professional life.
I felt unsure as to how I would feel after my first sessions, but I immediately felt listened to and more grounded. Instead of anxiety and swirling thoughts, Patti helped me to navigate a path through those feelings toward a clearer route.

Over the past few months I feel like I have undergone a huge amount of change. I know that it has benefited and had a positive impact on my personal and professional relationships.  It was of great help to me to have Patti there to listen to me without judgement and genuine compassion, to guide me towards where I wanted to get to and to help me when I felt stuck and hopeless.   I would highly recommend returning to sessions with Patti when you need support.