Category: Testimonials

D. B. Belper

  Here’s my Testimonial:   After splitting up from my partner I realised I needed to talk about my problems. I attended Patti’s counselling and off loaded all my issues, from childhood to recent years. After a year of counselling

A.H. and K.H. Derby (Couple Counselling)

My husband and I started seeing Patti when we realised that something was making us unhappy in our lives. We couldn’t explain what was wrong and when we tried to talk about it, we found it difficult to hear each

BC Eastwood, Notts.

I started seeing Patti, because I was always conscious of what other people’s opinions might be of me and my life. After just a few sessions with Patti, I started to feel less afraid and more positive and assertive. I

LM Belper

Over 18 months ago, I reached out for help. I was suffering with severe anxiety and panic attacks and it was affecting my day to day life and I was at a stage where I could not leave my home,

GG Matlock

Hi Patti, I just want to update you and thank you for everything you did for me. Before Christmas we moved house to Matlock, the big one with the hot tub, I know longer sit upstairs wasting my life away!