WM, Derby

Being a typical “bloke” I didn’t think therapy was for me. I thought I could get through how I felt and “get over it” however in reality I needed support and help.

I felt a lot of anger and frustration at what life was throwing at me and couldn’t understand why I felt that way.

I finally took the plunge and reached out to Patti and I am so glad I did. Together we created a safe environment where I felt able to express myself (it took a few sessions)

However soon I was able to open up and understand things more easily.

Patti is non-judgemental and quite humorous at times which helped me relax and made the sessions more comfortable. The end result was that I was able to better understand things in my life and the relationship around issues with support from my wife.  I was able to understand issues we had with co-parenting as well as our love life. I was also able to understand what I could do to try and change them for the better.