RM, Belper. Infant loss

Thank you again for all you have helped me with throughout our sessions.

When I first started seeing Patti, I didn’t really know how I would feel talking about my recent trauma of losing our baby son. I knew that I should seek help, as I was barely getting through each day, and as a wife and as a mother I knew that I needed to do more than just make it to the end of the day.

I had an initial telephone consultation with Patti and we spoke in-depth about her training as a counsellor and her bereavement training. She was very honest with me that she had never conducted counselling for child loss, but from the first conversation, I felt a connection and like I’d found a good fit for a counsellor.

On our first face-to-face appointment, we spoke in-depth about the trauma I had been through. It was initially uncomfortable but Patti is wonderful at putting you at ease and you just start to talk and before you know it you have opened up and the hour is over.

As the weeks passed, I found I cried less and I was coping better with day to day life. Now I would say I feel less fragile. I feel like I can say when I’m having a bad day rather than mask it and lie and say I’m OK.

I think my relationships have improved with my in-laws, and those closest to me.

Every day is hard. But now I can say that it doesn’t feel as raw and my emotions don’t feel like they are bubbling at the surface ready to spill over at any moment.

My loss is with me daily, and like Patti said, the pain does quickly come back, but she’s helped make it feel softer, less raw, and bearable.

I highly recommend Patti to anyone who is struggling, and I know that she will help contribute to your recovery.