J L, Matlock

‘I started seeing Patti after a reasonably big operation, when I was also finding life complicated because one of my two manic depressive sons was experiencing a hyper manic episode – the latest manifestation of 18 years of supporting my sons in their sometimes very difficult battles with mental health problems. As the conversation with Patti developed, we unpacked a number of other areas which were contributing to my stress, including the recent ending of a 4 year relationship, the temporary loss of other family support, and the need to embed myself more in my new home town, while managing the negative reactions of some of my friends to my move..

I feel the work we have done in the last 10 months has really helped me get a better handle on how to really settle into my new home, and adjust to myself, my friends and my relatives as we all age. I have also begun to understand how to allow myself to feel my emotions and my own needs, rather than just ploughing on distracting myself with activity and care for others. I feel that maybe I am beginning to get my life into a better balance between my needs and everyone else’s! I have been on pretty high revs in that game since I was 13, (I’m now 60!), when I first started juggling my own Mum’s ill health and my school work, and maybe that is at least part of the reason it has felt a real challenge.  The support from Patti has  been very important in making these transitions.’