J.C. Derby

I started counselling with Patti last Autumn after coming out of a very long and once very happy marriage. It was a sad, confusing and anxious time for me. I’m a very private person and so discussing important aspects of my life wasn’t easy although the few friends I spoke to were wonderfully supportive. Even then I didn’t share many details. Yet I knew I needed to express my thoughts and feelings and so decided to try counselling.

Counselling has been a very positive experience and I was very lucky in finding Patti straightaway. Patti gently encouraged me to open up and discover the things that were bothering me and causing me anxiety and sadness. Sometimes I didn’t even know what was the root cause of my worries which made it even more confusing. It was a bit like peeling the layers off an onion. Each week amidst a lot of tears another layer would very gently be removed leaving a slightly more resilient woman underneath. Eventually over a period of weeks all the layers were taken away and a new, confident woman emerged.

I’d heard people say that counselling was just allowing someone to talk and get things off their chest and yes it does do that. But counselling with a professional is so much more secure inasmuch that it remains completely confidential. Anything that is spoken about will never go any further, reducing any fears that things could be brought up in the future and cause upset. At a time when I was totally lost that weekly session became the main anchor in my life. Patti would make tea for me and allow me to talk, cry and reflect on the less positive aspects of my relationship.

As I write this, it’s now the Spring and I’m happy, secure and looking forward. I’m very relieved I tried counselling and won’t hesitate to have more sessions with Patti to help me through any future issues…

Thank you Patti