CB, South Yorkshire

I initially approached Patti after researching counsellors on the BACP website.  Her use of Gestalt therapy is something that appealed and her location appropriate for my needs.

We had a telephone conversation followed by an initial meet.  I felt that Patti’s counselling room was a safe and comfortable environment within which to open up and during that first meet we outlined expectations and agreed to work together….it was as simple as that.

Working with Patti has been an eye opening experience.  I initially approached her with very specific issues in mind, however Patti’s methods meant that I was able to open up and explore experiences and feelings that I had previously blocked out.

Working with Patti has helped relieve me of certain emotional burdens that were holding me back.  I can honestly say that I feel like a weight has been lifted.  Patti’s style with me was not only someone with a listening ear but also someone who will challenge thought processes, which for me was just right.