A.H. and K.H. Derby (Couple Counselling)

My husband and I started seeing Patti when we realised that something was making us unhappy in our lives. We couldn’t explain what was wrong and when we tried to talk about it, we found it difficult to hear each other. We had both been under a lot off stress and sadness. My dad had been diagnosed with dementia 3 years ago and   went down hill rapidly after a year. I gave a lot of support to my mum and dad until he passed away at Christmas. My husband was supportive and helped out too but he was suffering too after being forced to retire from a job he loved through ill health. It took him a while to find alternative employment and between looking after parents and our daughter who was very unwell with a condition that hospitalised her on many occasions, we forgot about each other. We forgot how to be a couple. We knew we didn’t want to be apart but we had forgotten how to be together. After one session with Patti that left us both in tears, we could already see a tiny light! The second session gave us the confidence to share without judging each other and we found ourselves looking forward to our next session. We have just had our last session and I can honestly say that love isn’t enough to keep a couple together. We have learnt to love again by talking, sharing, supporting and above all listening. As we said goodbye I felt that a new chapter was on the way. We are the same people but with a new outlook on what we want our life together to be like. Thank you so much. We owe our happiness to you Patti, as you helped us to see and hear each other again and for that we are very grateful.


We started seeing Patti as my marriage felt like it was in a downward spiral which left me feeling helpless due to a lack of communication and a lack of understanding of each other’s situations. After our first session we were able to open up and talk about our feelings and how we felt about each other and realised that we both wanted to save our marriage. Due to Patti’s understanding and questioning of us both we were able to see each other’s points of view clearly which enabled us to communicate our feelings towards each other better. The more sessions we had, the better things got thanks to Patti’s guidance and professionalism. Thank you Patti for all that you have done.