TV Derby

After a long overdue breakdown which resulted in me intimidating a colleague, collapsing my personal relationships, and rapidly depleting my ability to continue on living, I decided to reach out to Patti for help.
Working with Patti we initially talked about aspects of both work and my personal relationships, emphasising the importance on clarity and communication. Patti crucially helped me to identify a troubling individual and formulate plans and strategies to improve understanding at work and deal with this individual – a strategy that was a resounding success. Within a couple of months with Patti’s guidance, my attitude towards life and work improved substantially.

Before beginning work with Patti I had lost hope in attaining a steady career and in the future only saw the possibilities of future failures. However – now things look much brighter, my relationship with my partner has never been better, at work I’ve gone from a continuous problem to becoming a highly productive team member using newly developed skills to solve problems. Patti was a key part in this process and served as a guide to understand what I needed to do and advocate for me to understand what I truly capable of.

I owe Patti a tremendous thank you – and would recommend her to anyone who is experiencing issues with their personal lives or with their mental health.