MB, Ambergate

“Having experienced anxiety and panic attacks for a period of time, I finally came to the decision to seek help. Initially I sought medical assistance but soon realised that I wasn’t ill or in need of a prescription, but I was in need of counselling. Having researched on the Internet, I discovered Patti and following a short telephone conversation I felt at ease and made my first appointment.

It wasn’t until I had attended a couple of appointments that I opened up and realised I had been having anxiety and panic attacks for many years (decades) without fully realising. This only came to the forefront during the counselling sessions, when Patti highlighted it along with my subconscious O.C.D. habitual tendencies and constant organising.

Once this was highlighted, it answered numerous questions that were going round in my mind and lifted a huge weight off my shoulders, that had rested there for many years. I actually started to smile again.

Having visited Patti over a 4 month period I’ve amazed myself with the turn around in my outlook on life. I’m content and happier with the new hope I have for the future, which has been achieved with the help and support of Patti.”