D J, Matlock

I first contacted Patti over a year ago when certain personal issues felt like they were going to take over and destroy my life. Even though she was abroad on holiday Patti still responded to my contact, calmed me down, reassured me and told me that I was doing the right thing in seeking help. We made an initial face to face appointment for when she returned from holiday.
I had no real idea what Gestalt therapy was and that first session was daunting to say the least. However, Patti made me feel welcome and at ease straight away and the atmosphere at our initial and all future sessions, while often challenging has always been open, informal and friendly.
The sessions with Patti undoubtedly helped me tackle and deal with the immediate issues that were affecting me. However, Patti’s methods also made me think about and understand the wider things from my present and past that have made me the person I am, all in a very safe environment. I believe I am a much more rounded and confident person as a consequence.
There can be no better testimonial to Patti than that despite being in a much better place now, I continue to see her on a regular if less frequent basis. I still welcome the opportunity to just talk things through with her.