CE Matlock

Thank you for all your time and patience with me over the last twelve weeks, it has been very valuable and taught me a surprising amount.

I decided to contact Patti when I reached a point where my life had become overwhelming. I separated from my husband, my mother passed away and my brother began battling alcoholism.  On top of this, I was struggling with a terrible and unsupportive job.

I felt I needed to regain my sense of self and be able to do the creative things I loved doing once again.

At first, I was sceptical of what counselling could do for me as I felt it would be nothing but stating the obvious about my situation. I was proved wrong from my first session, Patti listened carefully and understood exactly what I was describing, she was able to emphasise and give practical and realistic advice which went a long way.

During my time with Patti. I learnt a lot about myself and the role I had been taking in aspects of my life and relationships. Now I can use what I have learnt with Patti to move forward and live a happier and calmer life.   

I can’t recommend contacting Patti enough, there is nothing to lose in doing so, and I certainly believe I would be in a much unhappier place if I had not reached out and started the sessions.