Category: Testimonials

L.H. Derby

I can’t thank Patti enough for everything she’s helped me through in the last 18 months; if you think you may need extra support, I couldn’t recommend her enough. I had a dream that I would become a nurse. It

WM, Derby

Being a typical “bloke” I didn’t think therapy was for me. I thought I could get through how I felt and “get over it” however in reality I needed support and help. I felt a lot of anger and frustration

BB, Derby

Have you ever felt shut down to the point of losing your identity?  I never thought I would experience emotional control and coercion within a relationship, but I did and thankfully I found Patti. She helped me build my resilience

RM, Belper. Infant loss

Thank you again for all you have helped me with throughout our sessions. When I first started seeing Patti, I didn’t really know how I would feel talking about my recent trauma of losing our baby son. I knew that

JB, Riddings

Having been in inner turmoil for decades and the awful crippling effect it was having on me ( depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and at times self-loathing and a feeling of overwhelming guilt) I found Patti! Over the period of time