C.T. Derby

Here is the testimonial for your website. Thank you for all your support over the past couple of years. It has been a really great experience and I will carry you forward with me in some way now that we have ended the therapy:-

I have been having therapy sessions with Patti for the past couple of years and it has been incredibly helpful to have had a safe space to allow myself to be vulnerable. Over that time lots of themes have emerged and we have been able to look at those together collaboratively.  

When we started the therapy I had some major problems with my physical health and also was struggling a lot with work life balance and initially it seemed impossible that these things could be overcome but with time and encouragement I have been able to make considerable progress with both of these issues. 

I have also been able to start to challenge some of my unhelpful thinking patterns with Patti’s help. We were able to explore my experience of being raised by a perfectionist father and people pleasing mother and how that might have influenced my view of the world.   We have looked a lot at how I can try to deal with what emerges rather than trying to anticipate and control things that cannot be controlled and also how I might be able to start to feel more comfortable dealing with conflict. 

We have worked together to find strategies for me to be able to manage my mood better and how to look after myself better and be kinder to myself when I am very critical and set myself unobtainable standards. 

Part of the way that I have dealt with my need to be in control in other areas of my life is by exploring sexual submission in my personal life as a way of being able to learn to let go and surrender in at least one area of my life. I see this as a really positive aspect of my life and Patti has been extremely non judgmental when discussing about this with me and it has been helpful to explore with her why this is helpful to me. Anyone who wants to discuss very personal aspects of their life with Patti can rest assured that she is open minded and non-judgmental and kink aware.

Patti has been extremely supportive but has also gently challenged me when it was needed. Due to us building up a good therapeutic relationship it has been possible for us to explore some difficult things together and for me to be completely open with her. Patti has always been fully supportive and accepting of me whilst encouraging me to make changes. 

Therapy has been a really helpful and positive experience and although I am sad it has ended now I will carry that experience forward with me. I would have no hesitancy to recommend Patti as a therapist and am very grateful to her for all her support over the past 2 years or so.