BK, Chesterfield

“I first approached Patti for help just over a year ago after she had been recommended by a friend who was also a Gestalt Therapist. Initially my reasons for making contact were stress, lack of sleep and my irritable and irrational behaviour in general – or at least that was the list I provided during our initial discussions. I think I knew even then that my real problem was with alcohol, but thankfully when the truth became apparent Patti agreed to work with me in any case and things moved on from there.

Since then I have admitted and accepted that I am an alcoholic due to the general insanity in my life in the early stages, and my various ‘high points’ including a rehabilitation centre, police cell and hospital bed among others. Patti has helped me in so many ways over the past year, not only to be able to stay sober, but also just as importantly to address my life issues to allow me to conduct my life in a normal manner – or as close as I can get! Our weekly sessions always have an invigorating effect on me, and the relaxed yet professional atmosphere often has me leaving in a very positive manner after we have addressed my issues that become apparent that day. We never have an agenda and it always seems strange to me how we end up talking about things that are important to me that just become apparent then, I guess that is how it all works.

My confidence, self-awareness, lack of fear and wellbeing is unrecognisable from 12 months ago, and I am eternally grateful for that and the ability to live a more fulfilled, happy and meaningful life. Without Patti and her ongoing support, I am not sure that would have been possible.”