Author: patti holden

Employee Assistance Program Client feedback

J.M.C. Portsmouth After spending my whole life being a “stiff upper lip” kind of person, and an” I can deal with everything myself” kind of person, I found myself at a very low ebb. My husband died 2 years ago

K.P London – Seeking Identity

When I entered through Patti’s doors I was a little lost and broken. I was struggling with burnout, the end of a relationship, and deeply embedded family and cultural norms which were causing me a lot of mental distress. After

National Employment Assistance Program Provider Testimonial

We are delighted to share the following feedback from the recent client survey: “Patti was absolutely phenomenal. Her care, input, heart and advice has helped me immensely. She heard me, she helped me and she taught me some great techniques

T.E. – CRICH – Depression

The very nature of the beast of depression ensures it is extremely difficult to pick up a phone and ask a ‘stranger’ for help. Patti did not remain a stranger for long. From the onset of my initial phone contact

C.E. Belper – Returning counselling client

Having worked with Patti a few years prior when I was struggling with issues that arose from addiction in the family and the loss of my mother, I knew it would be beneficial to reach out again when I found